In Search of the Soul

Creativity has enriched my understanding of the connection between an inner and outer world of experience. Compelled to create images that describe my experience of existence, painting has helped me find my place in the world and allows me to observe my journey as it develops. With painting and music I am free to enter a world with no boundaries - a world of possibilities.

Painted images can reflect back unconscious situations or ‘dramas’ that need attending to. Certain motifs could be described as symbols or archetypes from the ‘Collective Unconscious’ (in Jungian terms); however symbolism is very personal, I feel. The paintings perhaps, are a reflection of my ‘soul life’ which it seems, is not of a fixed shape or character but part of a shifting changing motion.

“The assumption that underlies this dualistic aspect of all being and existence is that the world is in motion, that things are constantly undergoing processes of transformation, deformation and restoration, and that the essence of life and being is movement.”

- Gary Witherspoon (a student of Navajo art and language)

The process of painting as a contemplative practice teaches me much about nature and about the rhythms we encounter internally, as humans. As part of my ongoing research I shall be investigating the concept of ‘Peak Experience’ or ‘Thresholds’ and how creative expression in its many forms can lead us towards it.

“The soul does not reside just inside the human body : the soul is at the place where you meet the world…”

- David Whyte, Poet